Thank You All!

We who worked hard to bring you Polar Vortex Game Convention want to thank all of the attendees for coming out to enjoy our shared past times in tabletop gaming. Over 250 people including judges filled the College of DuPage SRC building ballroom. A big thanks goes out to our convention partners and sponsors: COD Sci Fi/ Fantasy Club, Cold Iron Conventions, DragonFall, Four Pillars Events, Gamer Conclave Convention, the participating game stores – Draxtar Games, Grognard Games, and TPK Gaming. Also, thanks to all the judges, volunteers, and demo reps from Double Exposure Envoy, Rio Grand Games, and Stonemaier Games.

A special thank you goes out to Arcane Wonders, Double Exposure/Envoy, Impressions Distribution, Slugfest Games, Stonemaier Games, Tasty Minstrel Games, and our special guest from Dark Age for their generous support to our Play-and-Win and/or Charity Silent Auction. The auction, by the way, raised $584 for the American Cancer Society! Lastly, I apologize to anyone I may have left out.

And, we truly thank all of you who shared your comments, positive and negative, with us. We listened and are committed to making Polar Vortex Game Convention 2018 even better.

Looking forward to doing it all again in 2018!


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