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PSS9-10 Signs in Senghor // Slot 1

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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By Kris Leonard APL 1-5

In the port of Senghor, it is taboo to even speak of the accursed ruin of Boali that sits on the other side of the bay, let alone to set foot in its rubble-strewn streets. Yet rumors have reached the Pathfinder Society that the Aspis Consortium has sent agents to search through this forbidden city. Although few people willingly travel to its shores, Boali is far from quiet. It falls to a small group Pathfinder agents to get the bottom of the Aspis plot without falling prey to the ruin’s dangers. Can the PCs bring the Consortiums’ true motives to light? Contents in Signs in Senghor also contribute directly to the ongoing storyline of the Exchange faction.

This is a Cold Iron Conventions event. Before purchasing a ticket please ensure your seat at the table by registering for this event and selecting your character on the Cold Iron Conventions website.

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5 people are attending PSS9-10 Signs in Senghor // Slot 1

  • Christopher RiffChristopher Riff
  • Sally JonesSally Jones
  • Robert JelinskiRobert Jelinski
  • Jack ScheirerJack Scheirer


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